Wonder Fools presents
The Coolidge Effect

Scottish Premiere
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‘You watch porn.  Right?  You don’t have to tell us.  That’s not what this is about.’

In 2017, pornography is all around us and the amount we watch it is growing at an exponential rate: in the UK alone, 10 million porn videos are watched every day. As society’s access to pornography increases, so too does our unwillingness to talk about it. The Coolidge Effect seeks to break this taboo.

Devised from interviews with porn advocates, addicts, mental health experts and scientists, these unique stories and viewpoints are told through four intertwining narratives:

George, a Gameboy wielding teenage boy; Gary, a father lost in the depths of his own addiction; pioneering porn producer Gail and Retrospect, an ex-porn addict who wants you to understand.

The Coolidge Effect uses an interactive blend of storytelling, poetry and science to examine how pornography affects our mental health, relationships and sexual experiences.

Awarded a Special Commendation as part of The Suitcase Prize, PULSE Festival 2017 at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich.

Cast: Robbie Gordon

Written by Jack Nurse & Robbie Gordon
Directed by Jack Nurse

Designed by Cat Mclachlan

Image: Simon Moorhouse

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