Puppet Animation Scotland presents

24th January 2018


Since the beginning of November last year four groups of selected Scottish-based artists have been meeting on Monday evenings. Using the knowledge and insights of the other practitioners in the room as a sounding board they have nurtured and developed their initial creative ideas, culminating in the presentation of three to five minutes of work at manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2018.

Facilitated by leading puppeteer Gavin Glover (A Christmas Carol & The Tin Forest, National Theatre of Scotland) each group’s aim has been to develop those puppetry-making and performing skills and expertise more appropriate for their project. Following Testroom the aspiration is that they then will bring their ideas to full production.

Featuring: THE POST-APOCALYPTIC PUPPET SHOW/The Creative Martyrs; CLINCH/Clara Bloomfield; IN THE DEVIL’S NAME/Gunshow Theatre; THE BOOK OF POONI/Theatre Gu Leor

Testroom is a Puppet Animation Scotland programme created with support of the National Theatre of Scotland as part of manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2018.

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