Tron CREATIVE presents
Table Read 3

25th September 2018


A showcase for unseen scripts from exciting new writers. At Table Read, we invite the audience to sit in on a round-table reading of a new play we believe will one day be a classic.

Table Read 03
A Rabbit. A Pig. And A Whore. In A Tiny Red Box.
by Héloïse Thual

What is love? What is desire?

If they ever knew, Miss Rabbit and Mister Pig have forgotten. In search of answers, they visit Whore who they consider the expert best able to provide them with well-informed definitions. As Rabbit, Pig and Whore meet in Whore’s tiny red box, an uncanny game of power, money and seduction slowly unfurls as the tiny red box becomes a trap. A witty, nimble and linguistically audacious dark comedy beamed in from the untrodden far territories beyond the Twilight Zone.

Directed by Alan McKendrick
Cast includes Adura Onashile, Stephen Clyde and Natali McCleary

Héloïse Thual spent almost three years associated with Playwrights' Studio Scotland - first accepted in their Mentoring programme in 2014, she wrote All Women Got Something Of Sido under the mentorship of Clare Duffy. In 2016, she was awarded the New Playwrights Award and developed Unequally Of Clay And Diamonds under the mentorship of Alan McKendrick. In 2016, she received a small grant from the Tom McGrath Trust in order to help create her first production The Paper Bag, in partnership with the Glasgow-based company Urban Fairytale.  Her most recent play The Bug In The Cup was presented in March 2018 at the Theatre Royal.

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