Skillshop Seniors present
Story Recyclers

16th - 17th June 2018

Tron Theatre300113



  1. To convert waste into reusable material.
  2. Return material to a previous stage in a cyclic process.
  3. Use again.

Recycling. We should all do it. Empty milk bottles, read newspapers, all those plastic bags shoved under the sink. It can all become something new. But. Who decides what is ‘waste’ and what is ‘treasure’? How many times can you really use something again and again? What would you do if faced with the prospect of losing something you loved for the benefit of the greater good?

A new law has been passed. All types of recyclable material in the UK must be recycled. No exceptions. Sounds great but…

What do we use in school? No jotters or notebooks… When we go to an event? No tickets, programmes or keepsakes… How are supposed to use the bathroom? No loo roll! All recyclable materials. In amongst all the madness, adults have failed to notice one thing. What does that mean for the Library?! Books don’t count, they can’t count! It’s up to these young people to band together to save the books, the library and indeed the day!

Directed by Catherine Ward Stoddart

Image: The Curse of Class 2B, Skillshop Seniors 2017, credit John Johnston

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