Stages Festival: The Curse of Class 2B

By Skillshops Seniors

11th June 2017

2B poster image edit

Since January a collection of our performance groups have been exploring their creative curiosity, playing with ideas, storytelling, devising and performance. Join us in the Changing House this June for a mini festival of new work by Tron Young Company, Skillshop Seniors and YT Juniors. 

Meet Class 2B. We’re a lovable bunch really. Just a little....misunderstood. We’re known as the trouble makers. No-one wants to teach us.

‘Class 2B can’t do that.'
‘Don’t let Class 2B anywhere near that!’
‘Class 2B what have you done now?!” 
‘An accident you say? Yeah likely story!'

But when an Eco challenge is set for their school, Class 2B surprise everyone, including themselves. A story about imperfections, achieving and accepting who you are.

The Curse of Class 2B will be presented by Skillshop Seniors.

Image credit: John Johnston (from Fallen, 2015)

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