Enormous Yes presents

Thought-provoking new performance that invites you to become a campaigner for the cause that will bring about a Better World.

14th - 18th May 2013

Part of Mayfesto 2013Bobby thinks as long as he keeps hitting the snooze button we’ll ignore the alarms and keep our eyes shut. He’s wrong.
In response to city wide anger over Cllr Robert Cairns’ (BWP, Ward 22 – Thraunston East) vocal support of controversial plans to combat knife crime in Glasgow’s East End by enforcing a district-wide curfew, we invite all true Better World Pioneers to take up the pen with us and attend at least one #neednothing letter writing party ahead of the City Council vote scheduled for May 29th.
We don’t need curfews. We don’t need Bobby. We #neednothing.
Developed from #neednothing, presented at Arches LIVE 2012, #sleeptightbobbycairns is a thought-provoking new performance which invites you to become campaigners for a cause that will bring about the Better World.

Part of Mayfesto 2013.

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