Tron Young Company presents

28th - 29th October 2016

Come on. Are we all pretending this isn’t happening? He was the last guy we know to die. That soldier that turned up is probably going to someone else’s funeral and someone else’s after that. He’ll be deployed to turn up and pay his respects: make the widow feel good and then they won’t blame the state or the military or whatever.

Inspired by attitudes to war and militarization, from historical perspectives to current media representation, Tron Young Company return with two special performances of Sheep ahead of their appearance at the Chrysalis Festival in November. Asking questions about accepted roles for women and men in conflict, modern society’s use of propaganda, and about what happens when war arrives on your doorstep, Sheep is a blistering piece of new work.

'For then this town will have more dignity, and once again we’ll see that age return when there were women who were strong, true Amazons, whose deeds amazed the world.' Lope de Vega, Fuente Ovejuna

Directed by Martin O’Connor
Designed by Kirsty McCabe

Supported by Youngstart delivered by The Big Lottery

Image credit: John Johnston

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