Tron CREATIVE present
Self-Care in Conscious Theatre Practice

with Lou Prendergast

22nd October 2018

In this practice-led event, participants will be guided through a gentle Hatha Yoga session with an emphasis on the Sanskrit concepts of Sthira and Sukha – comfort and steadiness. Yoga can guide us towards emotional and physical balance that can transcend the mat and contribute to more harmonious theatre-making processes. Theatre-maker and Yoga Instructor, Lou Prendergast, will share the Conscious Theatre Practice model that she developed across three theatre productions as part of her PhD.

Participants will learn some practical strategies around self-care while working on a theatre production, using breath and postures to create inner stillness. They will be introduced to ideas around developing a conscious theatre practice, guided by the ancient yogic Yamas and Niyamas. Beyond the physical aspects of yoga, there is a wealth of ancient philosophy that can be applied in contemporary contexts. The cultivation of an attitude of gratitude can fuel the creativity of theatre-makers.

Yoga instructor Lou Prendergast’s theatre-making practice grew from visual art training. Her writing, directing and performance practice is realised via a female perspective, social conscience and mixed-race sensibility. Productions include Whatever Happened to Harry? (Arches LIVE, 2012); Fifty Shades of Black (Ankur/Citizens Theatre, 2013); Fifty Shades of Black (Dub Version) (Ankur/CCA, 2013); Blood Lines (The Arches, Culture 2014); Tommy’s Song (NTS/Oran Mor, 2015) and Awkward: A Life in Twenty-Six Postures (Black Star Projects/Swallow Theatre, 2016).

*Please wear lose fitting clothes and bring a notepad and pen.

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