Tron CREATIVE present
Script Development Session

9th July 2019

Have you got a script in the making that you could do with hearing read aloud but in a private space? Send a summary of the play using the online form and we’ll do a shout out for whoever's available to get around a table and offer their voices and feedback. This is not a formal read through and actors will be cast purely on their willingness to help and their availability i.e. a young man may end up playing an old lady for the afternoon and vice versa!

This session aims to help writers to develop their script by taking it off the page in a safe environment with no pressure of outside eyes, just friendly helpers. You send us what you've got, and we'll provide space and printing.

We can only work on one script per session, and scripts will be selected with a focus on offering a variety of voices, stories and characters. We do not require the full script, just a summary of the play and an idea of where you're up to. This will be an on-going event with plenty of chances to take part throughout the year.

Deadline for script summaries: Monday 2 July

The event is also open to other playwrights to come and help out and feedback, just email if you’d like to come along.

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