Melanie Jordan and Caitlin Skinner present

Performed by Melanie Jordan, Directed by Caitlin Skinner

12th - 14th February 2015

Sanitise (Copy)

In the most private of spaces you can flush away dirt in an instant…

One woman alone in her bathroom; a private sanctuary and  an unusual venue for self-expression. But there is something dark living beneath the bath and as her inner and outer life is revealed we discover a woman torn between fantasy and fear as she negotiates her relationship with literal and figurative filth.  

Sanitise is a playful and original production without words combining physical theatre, dance, music and multimedia to explore our most intimate insecurities and fantasies. What is clean and what is dirty?

Edinburgh based theatre makers, performer Melanie Jordan and director Caitlin Skinner bring their imaginative show and poignant show to new audiences around Scotland this spring. Featuring illustration from Lubin Lone, animation by Callum MacAskill, music by Danny Krass, set and costume design by Alice Wilson and lighting design by Simon Hayes.

Winner of 2014 Scotsman Fringe First Award and Arches Brick Award nominee.



'a clever, assured, brilliantly-designed and executed show' ***** All Edinburgh Theatre

'sharp, witty and vivid'  **** The Scotsman

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