George Gunn + Iain MacDonald present
Red Fish

Music by Andy Thorburn
A passionate cry for justice, Red Fish looks at fortunes made and lost exploiting one of nature?s last natural commodities, fish. Part of Mayfesto 2013.

19th May 2013

REHEARSED READINGPart of Mayfesto 2013

RED FISH is a passionate cry for justice. Two young people are caught up in the madness of an industrial Klondike in the north Highland coastal town of Bunillidh. Fortunes are made and lost exploiting one of nature’s last natural commodities – fish.

But these are mysterious red fish. No-one knows where they came from but with them has come cash, heroin, drink, violence and tragedy.

Peggy and Calum try to live, to love, in a world where to survive is to succeed. 

Part of Mayfesto 2013.

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