Fire Exit presents
Pyromania: Tomorrow, Under Snow

Written by Andy Edwards
Rehearsed Reading

28th May 2019

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If you try to silence me, I’ll scream this house down.

Last night three thousand people were murdered. Manfred is holding the gun. This is his chance. Seventy years later, Alicja is coming home. Back to the scene of the crime. Nothing will stop her this time, nothing can stop the truth. Tomorrow, Under Snow is a new play by Andy Edwards (Scribble, In Burrows): a furious storm of guilt, blame, and abuse, about history, populist politics and modern antisemitism. What if you can’t change? What if you’re not who you thought you were? Set against the rising tides of populist politics across Europe, Tomorrow, Under Snow asks what can we learn from history and what do we still have to learn about ourselves. Andy Edwards is a recipient of Fire Exit’s Pyromania bursary programme. 

Pyromania is a Fire Exit programme with Tron Theatre and support from Playwrights’ Studio Scotland and Take Me Somewhere. Funded by The Bridge Awards and Creative Scotland.

Written by Andy Edwards

Funded by The Bridge Awards and Creative Scotland
Note: Contains adult themes and strong language

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