Fire Exit presents
Pyromania: End Of

Written by Maryam Hamidi

3rd May 2018

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Sarah is a story addict. Did I say 'story'? I meant 'sex'. She is a sex addict.

Today Sarah is presenting her paper on ’The primal need for the narrative climax’, but five hours ago her life took a nosedive and love, sex and work are on a collision course to a painful, loud resolution. 

End of. is a play about that pinnacle moment. The apex we are all striving for in the joke, the chapter in the book, the brief encounter, love, sex and whole lifetimes in pursuit of that meaningful end of it all. But will you know your happy ending once you’ve found it?

Maryam Hamidi is a recipient of Fire Exit’s Pyromania bursary programme.

Note: Contains adult themes, sexual content and strong language.

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