Tron Creative presents
Outside Eyes

23rd April 2019

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Outside Eyes is twice-yearly curated scratch night, presenting a selection of brand new ideas from theatre-makers and live artists to an audience keen to see the boldest new performance Glasgow has to offer.

Our SPRING 2019 artists are:

  • Bridie Gane presenting The Sylph, The Vixen and The Bombshell
  • Ishbel McFarlane presenting Influencers
  • Overlap Theatre Company presenting A Word Please
  • Matt Hulse presenting A Sound For The Future

The Sylph, The Vixen and The Bombshell - Bridie Gane

In this dance theatre piece, three generations of women will play with different portrayals of women, hopping between superheroines to cowgirls, Audrey Hepburn to The Shirelles. Taking well known images of female characters in media and violently clash them together to create new Frankenstein-like archetypes. In contrast to perceived ideas of how women should behave at different ages, this piece explores, evaluates and revels in the collision of these unexpected juxtapositions. Aiming to overcome gender and age-related bias, with women no longer in supporting roles but telling their own stories. 

Bridie Gane is a choreographer and dance facilitator based in Scotland, creating work with a unique, retro theatricality. She previously spent three years in Berlin, winning the award for 'The Best German Dance solo' at Euro Scene Leipzig in 2013. Currently an Associate Artist with Dance Base in Edinburgh, her work aims to be accessible, whimsical, quick and sharp with an emphasis on the female protagonist.

Influencers - Ishbel McFarlane

Two Instagramers are meeting Grace, an agent from Waterloo Marketing, to view a penthouse flat the company have created for influencers. It looks ‘homely’ enough to appear like their own home in ads which semi-masquerade as ‘life’, but without any of the inconvenience of actual life and clutter. Kirsty resists her influencer status, even as her following grows; Verity on the other hand seems to have confidence in spades.

Ishbel McFarlane is a theatre maker and writer. She won the Platform 18 Award with O is for Hoolet, a show which had a national tour and a Fringe run at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in 2016, and has toured Scotland and Northern Ireland since then. From 2017-18 she worked with the Edinburgh International Book Festival touring the immersive show Plan for playing audiences across Scotland, as well as at the Book Festival itself. 

A Word Please - Overlap Theatre Company 

Trapped in a basement, all she has is her words. But words are tricky and time is short. Something’s outside… or inside. She can’t remember. Funny that. But who put that wall there? And can anyone else hear that drilling noise? A Word, Please is an ode to horror tropes, a storytelling extravaganza of misdirection, mystery and Minnelli. 

Overlap Theatre Company was co-founded in 2018 by graduates of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Isabel Palmstierna and David Wood. Built on the premise that performance should be collaborative, not hierarchical, Overlap aims to find innovative and exciting ways to tell stories about the things that make us, break us and shape us. This scratch night marks the company’s public debut and is performed by Charlie O’Conor.

A Sound For The Future - Matt Hulse

Riffing on cassette recordings, photographs, diaries, letters, drawings, video and conflicting family accounts, Matt's performance is an exploration of and response to his bizarre experiences as the shoebox drummer in the post-punk pre-teen sibling trio ‘The Hippies’, a subject that also beats at the heart of his upcoming hybrid documentary feature film.

Matt Hulse is an artist working with film, photography, word and performance. In 2017 he was awarded Germany's top photo prize, the Felix Schoeller Award for a series of telescopic images called 'Sniper', shot in North Korea. About his films, the Glasgow Short Film Festival once stated: “Hulse creates cinema out of whatever is to hand – he transforms the everyday and banal into something striking, witty and beautiful.” In 2017 he composed and produced a 43-track concept album called The Pet Project: songs about pets commissioned by their owners. He is survived by his alter ego Matty Marvel.

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