Tron CREATIVE presents
Outside Eyes

23rd October 2018

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A twice-yearly curated scratch night, presenting a selection of brand new ideas from theatre-makers and live artists to an audience keen to see the boldest new performance Glasgow has to offer.

  • Katie Armstrong presenting SKETCH 3
  • Bickering Theatre presenting Life, Love & All The Crap Inbetween
  • Brief Palava presenting I&I (Working Title)
  • Nicholas Barton-Wines, Kenneth MacLeod, and Laurie Motherwell presenting NoMa

Katie Armstrong

SKETCH 3 is part three of a triptych of short geographically and intellectually accessible works set to Bach’s Violin Concerto in A Minor.  SKETCH 3 is set to and inspired by the third movement of the concerto and manifests itself as a meeting between two characters stuck in a whirlwind physical conversation whilst bound to an object.  

Life, Love & All The Crap Inbetween
Bickering Theatre

A series of interlinked monologues based on the actors’ true stories, discussing a variety of different aspects of life: love, family, sex, work, friends, dreams, failures and health. An honest, funny, thought provoking and sometimes heart-breaking look at what affects the world we have created for ourselves.

I&I (Working Title)
Brief Palava

Izzi wakes up in hospital. Recovering from a long-term coma, she is excited to see that her husband Elias has finally visited her. What Izzi doesn’t know is that she has amnesia, and the last two years before the accident have been erased, including her escape from him. The production uses a palindromic aesthetic to explore memory, redemption and the characters struggle between what they feel is over, and what was supposed to be.

Nicholas Barton-Wines, Kenneth MacLeod, and Laurie Motherwell

This is one episode of a new performance being developed in collaboration exploring how a machine could take over an entire city.  We aim to have around 15 episodes, each looking at how people of the city relate to and interact with the machine, their neighbours, and the world around them. This is the first performance of our idea.


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