Tron Creative presents
Outside Eyes

4th November 2016

Tron's performance scratch night Outside Eyes returns, presenting a curated selection of brand new ideas from live artists of all disciplines to an audience made up of anyone who wants to see the newest, most exciting performance Glasgow has to offer.

Stephanie Says
by Kevin P. Gilday & Jenna Clayton

Stephanie Says is a devised collaboration between Kevin P. Gilday (writer and spoken word artist) and Jenna Clayton (make-up artist). A reflexive performance piece, Stephanie Says will include a combination of monologue, spoken word and music. The piece aims to explore notions of identity and sexuality found in underground music scenes and the venues in which these subcultures reside.

there's something happening somewhere
by Carrie Skinner and Richy Carey

there’s something happening somewhere is the rehearsal or the reenactment of a singular, spontaneous, once in a lifetime event.  The attempt is to playfully illustrate post-contemporary theories of the structuring conditions of time, through the aspirational and enduring iconography of rock and roll performances.

The crew is sound checking. The audience anticipates a performance. Someone asks for help. There is a slippage of time. A non-performer is invited on stage. Their gestures and their grammar transforms. They prepare to act out something seemingly unknown or reenact something already familiar.

(Can This Be) Home?
by Brite Theatre

If you have moved away from where you were born and raised, where is home? Surely it’s not back where you came from because something made you want to get away? Have you lost something forever by leaving and what have you gained then? Can you ever feel at home again? If you weren't born here will you ever truly belong? Will you let me?

Directed and performed by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir
Music by Tom Oakes
Dramaturgy by Glenys Leigh McIntyre

In Burrows
by Andy Edwards

A half-remembered, half-improvised, archaeology of language; a dig into semantics, rhythms and grammars. At Outside Eyes Andy will describe a 15mmx15mm fragment of an image in 1500 words, performing an act of testimony that spirals. In Burrows is a poem that will wander, drift, ebb and shift. It will happen sort of on stage and sort of not, working just off-centre, somewhere over there, burrowing in, with hands covered in earth.

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