Theatre Bristol present
Once Upon A Time

with Circomedia and the Polish Cultural Institute in London

30th - 31st October 2015

Once Upon A Time edited for web

Once Upon A Time is a thoughtful and passionate show about ageing and the passing of time, told through the extraordinary bodies of two dancers and one trapeze artist, all aged over 65. At once a celebration of, and a provocation on our relationship with ageing, this dance-theatre performance reveals how time marks its inevitable course through our skin, our muscles, our identity.

Drawing from Jean Amery’s book “On Aging: Revolt and Resignation”, Agnieszka Blonska has created a poetic piece which offers powerful insight into the effects of aging and time passing, and focuses on the stories that emerge as the life of a physical performer evolves.

“It is becoming what remains, a shell –(…) his or her body – but becoming in the same breath of thought the most extreme human authenticity, since in the end it is what is finally right” On Aging, Revolt and Resignation, Jean Amery

Directed by Agnieszka Blonska
Choreography by Dan Canham

Once Upon A Time is inspired by "On Ageing, Revolt and Resignation" by Jean Amery, translated by John D. Barlow and published in English by Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1994.

Supported by the Arts Council England
Image credit: Steve Tanner

Part of Luminate: Scotland's creative ageing festival

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