Ramesh Meyyappan Productions in co-production with Tron Theatre presents
Off Kilter

UK Premiere

10th - 13th May 2017

Ramesh Meyyappan is an internationally renowned visual theatre artist, whose last major work, Butterfly, sold out worldwide. His latest work is a dark, comedic, highly physical theatre production, incorporating illusions and masterful visual storytelling.

At work and at home, Joe Kilter has his own, obsessive, routine. But then a change in his routine turns his world Off Kilter, leaving him isolated and desperate, until he is forced to exist in darkness.

OFF KILTER explores mental wellbeing, identity, feeling a little bit different from everyone else, and not quite being yourself.

Cast: Ramesh Meyyappan

Written by Ramesh Meyyappan
Directed by Andy Arnold

Designed by Andy Lim
Composer Joel Nah
Choreographer Jessica Kennedy
Illusionist Kevin McMahon


Supported by Creative Scotland, National Arts Council of Singapore, Dream Academy, TheatreWorks, Singapore and the Singapore International Foundation.

Image: Niall Walker


'This startling piece of physical theatre is visual poetry at its most textured, gorgeous best…A truly amazing experience and a triumphant piece of theatre.' ***** Edinburgh Guide on Butterfly (2015)

'At the show’s core ….are three terrific performances that merge dance, movement, puppetry and dramatic acting with an intensity that forges those art-forms into a single storytelling impulse, beautiful, tragic, and true.' **** The Scotsman on Butterfly (2015)

'an exquisite, harrowing piece of visual theatre...' **** The Herald on Butterfly 2015

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