Mischief La-Bas and MSL Projects presents
Nursery Crymes

In Association with Radiator Arts, UZ Arts, In Situ and Glasgow City Council
Please Note: This event begins at Avant Garde 34-44 King St, Glasgow, G1 5QT.

24th - 25th November 2017

Nursery Crymes

A unique night-time experience exploring the dark themes behind our beloved childhood stories, Nursery Crymes takes to the streets of Glasgow this November.

Wrap up warm for an outdoor journey through Mother Goose's forest and beyond, winding round the streets of the city centre as you encounter installations, performances, sound works, projections, film and some twisted versions of well-known fairytale characters. Mischief La-Bas, aided and abetted by artists of all disciplines, explores the sinister side of nursery rhymes – the ideas of authority, morality and social indoctrination underpinning these simple stories for children. If the message is sung so sweetly, do we even notice the crime? Do we ever learn to question these early life lessons?

Audiences meet at Avant Garde on King Street, to start their journey.

Entrance times are staggered: 6.00pm, 6.20pm, 6.40pm, 7.00pm, 7.40pm, 8.00pm, 8.20pm, 8.40pm. The whole experience lasts for an hour and a half (approx). Ages 14+.

Artistic Director: Angie Dight
Designer: Bill Breckenridge 
Artists: Liz Aggiss, Fiona Robertson, Mischief La-Bas, Dav Bernard, Glass Performance and Junction 25

This is an outdoor event - audience members should dress for winter weather conditions. Ticket cost includes one free drink as part of performance

Due to the listed nature of the Panopticon this event is not fully accessible - however the Nursery Crymes experience is available to those with varying access requirements - please call us in advance to discuss.

For more info www.mischieflabas.co.uk



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