Rough Magic Theatre Company presents Stewart Parker's
Northern Star

11th - 14th May 2016

NORTHERN STAR Photo (c) Stuart Bradfield

"Beautiful and moving" **** The Irish Times 

August 1798. Charismatic rebel Henry Joy McCracken is on the run and asking himself how it happened. In Stewart Parker’s elegant, witty and moving play, a lunatic sense of invention is harnessed to a virtuoso Rough Magic ensemble for a freewheeling journey, from the sublime to the ridiculous, through Irish political and theatrical history.

Northern Star is based on the intriguing story of Belfast-born United Irishman Henry Joy McCracken, as he dissects the reasons for the failure of the 1798 rebellion, and its attempt to forge a new nation. We join McCracken on the eve of his arrest and subsequent execution; a night that recalls the seven ages of his life, each presented in the style of a great Irish writer, from Boucicault and Wilde, to Behan and Beckett – a rollicking journey through the missed opportunities of Irish history.

Watch the Northern Star trailer:

Written by Stewart Parker
Directed by Lynne Parker
Set and Lighting Design by Zia Holly
Sound Design by Ivan Birthistle

Cast includes: Richard Clements, Darragh Kelly, Paul Mallon, Charlotte McCurry, Eleanor Methven, Rory Nolan, Robbie O’Connor and Ali White.

Image credit: Ros Kavanagh


"Beautiful and moving" **** The Irish Times 

“A thought provoking journey through 1798" **** 

"Lynne Parker’s in-depth knowledge of the drama ensures that the diversity of the play becomes its strength" Nomoreworkhorse
"Lynne Parker directs her uncle's work for Rough Magic with characteristic brio. Its multiple time settings and comic pastiches are handled by the excellent ensemble with spectacular energy and aplomb.” The Irish Independent 

‘A directly political play that manages to be vastly entertaining as well as intellectually supple...’ Fintan O’Toole

‘His best play – by far… Parker speaks to the present through the past, using comedy, satire, parody and a seriousness that is nonetheless deadly for its being lightly drawn...Seldom has Irish history been so provocatively or so entertainingly drawn on the stage.’ The Irish Times

‘Elegant, witty and moving… a remarkable virtuoso achievement.’ The Observer

‘A remarkably stimulating play and, given its modern relevance, it has a tragic core of unlearned lessons.’ Irish Independent

‘Only an Irishman could have written something like this: a freewheeling, lunatic sense of invention is harnessed to a cultivated, literary imagination and stoked up by moral outrage. It is a captivating play.' Sunday Times


Charlotte McCurry_Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh
Darragh Kelly_Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh
Eleanor Methven_Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh
Paul Mallon_ Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh
Rory Nolan_Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh
Robbie O'Connor_Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh
Richard Clements_Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh
Ali White_Photo (C) Ros Kavanagh

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