Curious Seed Presents
Moving Monologues

5th May 2018

Moving Monologues image - credit Yvonne Buskie (1)

Incorporating their shared passion for exploring the interplay between music, dance and the origin of stories, composer/novelist Luke Sutherland and choreographer Christine Devaney start from 2 very different monologues to explore how the work, as it is pulled apart and reimagined, may say something beyond its written words.

At The Mercy Of Fabulous Thoughts is a new monologue written by Luke; during what may be a full-scale military invasion of Scotland, a young mother is forced by enemy soldiers to choose which of her two daughters must face execution. 

And The Birds Did Sing; using a monologue which Christine is in the process of developing, the impetus for this work came from the depth of feeling and release at those moments when you know the world will never be quite the same again for you. A woman remembers a girl who knew a woman who listened to the birds. 

Curious Seed is supported by Creative Scotland.

In developing Moving Monologues to date, Curious Seed worked with an outstanding creative team including theatremaker Anna Newell, actor Rosalind Sydney, artist Yvonne Buskie and Alice McGrath, Creative Director of Red Bridge Arts. Research for Moving Monologues has been kindly supported by a Plan B ‘Choreocraft’ residency in Dec 2014.

Note: Contains violence. 

Image: Yvonne Buskie

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