SUPERFAN presents
Like Animals

in association with Tron Theatre

27th July 2019


A parrot says ‘I love you’. A dolphin tries to speak. A woman spends a lifetime trying to understand. Like Animals is a funny and poignant investigation into love and communication in human (and not-so-human) relationships. Inspired by true stories of animal language experiments and performed by a real couple, it blends surreal comedy with moments of tenderness and vulnerability to explore the impossibility of ever truly knowing someone else.

The show weaves together stories of human-animal communication experiments around performers Kim and Pete’s own relationship, glimpsing some of their miscommunications, missed signals and crossed wires along the way. We meet the woman who lived with a dolphin in a flooded house and tried to teach him English, as well as the parrot and scientist who worked together for thirty years, and who every night told each other ‘Be good, see you tomorrow, I love you.’

Created & performed by Kim Donohoe & Pete Lannon
Directed by Ellie Dubois
Music & sound design by Michael John McCarthy
Dramaturgy by Xana Marwick
Visual dramaturgy by Rachel O'Neill
Lighting design by Benny Goodman
Produced by Nicola Lawton

Like Animals has been developed in association with Tron CREATIVE through their Scratch and Tron Lab opportunities, and with support from Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund. The show previewed at the Tron in October 2018.

Image credit: Mihaela Bodlovic

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