Glasgow International Comedy Festival presents
John Hegley: Hegley's Hop Scotch

Recommended Age: 16+
John Hegley Hop Scotch

Bringing  gladness, not only to Glasgow glasses-wearers, but also to those who have succumbed to the enemy within, and not only these contact lens-wearers, but the lazer gazers also.

Includes author drawings of feet, faith and fig rolls, and for those more audio-oriented, catchy tunes for patchy animals made out of socks and plastic bags.

Actually devised for adults, but of interest to some nine year olds with reasonable attention spans.

Times & Dates

26/03 - 9:00pmBook Tickets


'Fabulously funny' Time Out

'Genuinely funny' Poetry Review

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14 (12)


Concessions are available for this event

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