Fire Exit/David Leddy in co-production withTron Theatre present
International Waters

Audio Described
Written and directed by David Leddy

22nd - 26th March 2016

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No refugee crisis ever looked so chic, darling.

The social fabric has finally torn. Airports are closed, roads are blocked. Now even the 1% need to seek asylum. Four obscenely rich members of the elite pay through the nose to join an exclusive party on the last ship leaving London. They stay alive using the only things they know – money, sex and madness. But the ship is sailing in the wrong direction. They don’t know each other. They don’t know the Captain. They don’t know what the hell is going on.

International Waters comes from multi-award-winning writer and director David Leddy, who has been called a ‘maverick’ (Guardian), a ‘genius’ (Scotsman), an ‘innovator’ (Times) and an ‘institution’ (Independent).

Like a perverse Aesop’s fable for the apocalypse, the twisting plot explores how progress can sometimes be a trap. In this case it involves elegant glamour, brutal food poisoning, cyborg finance, and a delicious bull testicle meringue. 

Written & directed by David Leddy
Sound Design by Danny Krass
Design by Becky Minto
Lighting Design by Nich Smith

Supported by Creative Scotland
Image credit: Pictured: Carmen Capaldi. Photographer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan. 

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