Tron Youth Theatre Juniors presents
I Know You Are, But What Am I?

7th - 8th June 2019

TRO-195-I-Know-You-Are visual

Your alarm goes off. You wake up. You open your eyes and look around. This is not a place you know and yet it is strangely familiar. You recognise feelings but not faces, images but not names. Peculiar people try and explain but you can’t quite believe it. “You have woken up inside your own brain,” they said, “and you can’t remember who you are. But we are here to help.”

What is your favourite colour? Who is your best friend? What is that scar on your little finger and why on earth is your dog called Rhonda? Without the answers to these questions can you ever truly know yourself?

Join Jessica and the workers of her brain on the eve of her first day at secondary school, as they try and piece together her identity using the jigsaw pieces of her memories, visual choices and all the little idiosyncrasies that make you, you.

Directed by Catherine Ward-Stoddart
Assistant Director Sarah Miele
Designed by Jessica Brettle
Lighting Design by Malcolm Rogan
Sound Design by Gary Cameron
Choreography by Lisa Kennedy

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