Isobel McArthur in preview with Tron Creative presents
How to Sing it

8th - 11th June 2016

How To Sing It - Square resized for web

‘Embdy here belongs tae Glesca?’
‘Embdy no sure where they belong?’

Isobel has been on a journey. With herself. Isobel and her most distinguished colleague Isobel invite you to listen to the voices of the British Isles in an attempt to find out what to say, and How to Sing it.

With a voice that travels between her old friend Manchester and her beloved Glasgow more regularly than a Virgin Pendolino, Isobel’s determined to find out whether her accent matters and if how you speak holds more sway than what you’re saying.

Told onstage and onscreen, the two Isobels explore the inner turmoil we suffer when we’re persuaded to rewrite the music of our voices. Must we choose our allegiances the moment we open our mouths?

Written and performed by Isobel McArthur

Image credit: Mihaela Bodlovic

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