Little King in preview with Tron Creative presents
Greater Belfast

17th - 20th February 2016

Part gig, part theatre experience, Greater Belfast is centred on the hopeful and divided city of Belfast.

Little King and Cairn String Quartet blend song, storytelling, spoken word and instrumental music to examine a fractious relationship between a city and one of its sons. The ache of loving and hating a place, of examining and ignoring its history, provide grounds for a moving portrait where weird, old Belfast can be seen alongside the shiny veneer of the present.

This is the patter and slang of Belfast, the caustic black humour of Belfast, all bent together to inspire stories and songs that cut through the sleech, and speak to the heart.

Written, composed and performed by Matt Regan
Featuring Cairn String Quartet
Directed by Claire Willoughby

Supported by Creative Scotland
Image credit: John Johnston

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