An ARC Stockton Production
Going Viral

1st September 2015

Daniel Bye - Going Viral - Portrait resized for web

*Fringe First Award Winner 2015*

A new virus has broken out. Everyone in the world starts weeping. What now?

Going Viral is a show about how things spread. Drawing on the science of epidemics, it explores the spread of disease, of panic, of ideas. It shows how our society reacts, and how our connected world makes us all more vulnerable - and more human. But not equally so.

How do you behave when it's impossible to tell symptoms from distress? Is panic airborne too? What’s spreading through this theatre, here, tonight?

Going Viral is a new development in Daniel's trademark blend of comedy, storytelling and performance lecture.

Written & Performed by Daniel Bye
Directed by Dick Bonham
With artistic support from Alexander Kelly and Sarah Punshon

With a post-show discussion

Developed with support from Arts Council England, Camden People’s Theatre, Northern Stage, The Yard Theatre, QTP India, Triggered @ Warwick Arts Centre and the Wellcome Trust


"A fascinating, thought-provoking performance..." The Guardian .****

"Daniel Bye's latest storytelling piece hits a rich metaphorical seam."

"Captivating and illuminating..." The Independent ****

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