Sonnet Youth presents
Gigantic Lying Mouth

Part of the Sonnet Youth Weekender

15th February 2019

Gigantic Lying Mouth

Kevin P. Gilday is an award winning spoken word artist. Unfortunately, he is also dead.

After perishing in a tragic yoga accident, Kevin finds himself trapped in the afterlife and in line for a celestial judgement – only to find things are a little different on the other side. Guided through the afterlife by a Machiavellian guardian angel, the mischievous Havering Lazarus, Kevin must analyse the decisions and lies that characterised his existence if he ever hopes of justifying his life on earth.

A reflexive solo performance exploring the human desire to lie and the damage it does. Combining contemporary spoken word with monologues, multimedia and comedy; this is a piece that delves into the personal experiences of one man and in doing so exposes the immutable truth of humanity – we are all liars.

Written & Performed by Kevin P. Gilday with Rebecca Kilgour as Lazarus
Directed by Sonnet Youth
Video Design by Tim Courtney
Sound Design by Kevin Frew

Originally directed by Ailie Winton Butler

Note: Contains adult themes and strong language


'Gilday is a talented wordsmith whose use of language and rhythmic delivery is impressive. For those of you who enjoy performance poetry, you won't be disappointed.' Vue Weekly

'Gigantic Lying Mouth provides an entertaining view of the afterlife to which you'll want to both laugh and cry in commiseration.' Showbill Canada

'Kevin Gilday is an accomplished wordsmith with a flair for the theatrical who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of spoken word. This Glaswegian poet doesn’t take himself too seriously, in a clever and dark meta-theatrical, multi-media show containing set pieces and featuring poems about toxic masculinity, pornography and life’s utter futility.' Janis La Couvée

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