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Recommended for ages 16 years+, Contains strong language and sexual content including some nudity & simulated sex, scenes of drug use and suicide, adult themes and haze.

7th - 24th October 2015

Ghosts smaller

On the face of it, local councillor Helen Alving’s financial support for the creation of a Childhood Trust and the donation of her ‘big house’ to the Council to create a new looked-after children’s facility seems to be a magnanimously benevolent gesture to honour her late husband, the Captain.

With the unexpected arrival of her son Oswald 'from abroad’ however, Helen’s carefully constructed reality is torn apart, and the ghosts from their tormented past manifest grotesquely in shocking revelations of political corruption and abuse.

Megan Barker’s dark and gripping adaptation of the Ibsen classic exposes a litany of terrible secrets and the incontrovertible damage these have caused.

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Adapted by Megan Barker
Directed by Andy Arnold
Designed by Neil Warmington

Sound Design by Ross Brown
Lighting design by Sergey Jakovsky

Suitable for age 16yr+. With strong language and sexual content, including some nudity and simulated sexual intercourse.

Image credit: JamHot/Joe Connelly


JOHN HOGG as Oswald Alving
ALISON PEEBLES as Helen Alving
SCARLETT MACK as Regina Engstrand
BILLY RIDDOCH as Jacob Engstrand
LAURIE VENTRY as Martin Manders

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