Finding the Pulse: Bringing Shakespeare to Life

with Ewan Downie and Brian Ferguson

15th March 2018

Finding the Pulse: Bringing Shakespeare to Life is a two-day workshop. Start: Thursday 15th March at 10.30am. End:  Friday 16th March 5.30pm

The magic and power of Shakespeare's language lives in the body. The word on the page is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. In order to bring his language to life after all this time we need breath. Our breath.

In an age of newspapers and print, reading has become an intellectual exercise, but Shakespeare's words weren't written to be read. They were written to be spoken aloud. This workshop transforms our understanding of Shakespeare's work by moving the immediacy and strength of Shakespeare's words out of our heads and into our bodies. It lives in our toes, our fingers and spine. It breathes in our lungs and beats with our pulse.

Warning: This workshop may cause surprising results. Be prepared for fun, unexpected emotions and sweat. Lots of sweat.

Ewan is an acclaimed performer, writer, director and teacher with a lifelong interest in creativity and the roots of human behaviour.  He is currently joint artistic director of Company of Wolves, and has directed all of the company's work to date.

Brian is one of Scotland’s leading stage actors. In recent years, Brian has worked with companies such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and The Globe. It was during this time, thanks to inspiration and tuition from amazing actors and directors, Brian fell in love with Shakespeare. In 2014, Brian played the title role in Dominic Hill’s production of Hamlet at the Citizens Theatre.

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