Dr Jane Oakland: One to Ones

We know that sometimes life can be the hardest act of all and that many people in the performing arts will experience challenges with their mental health at some point in their lives. That's why Spotlight created ArtsMinds, with Equity, The Stage and BAPAM, to offer support for people who need it most and encourage people in the performing arts to talk more about the importance of getting support if you're in need.

These private, 30-minute one-on-one sessions are a chance for you to speak to Dr Jane Oakland, who works with BAPAM. The session is completely confidential and held in a private space, it is an opportunity for you to discuss any challenges that you're currently facing for which you may require support.

Presented in collaboration with Spotlight.

Email creative@tron.co.uk to book a place.

Times & Dates

25/10 - 2:00pm
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25/10 - 2:30pm
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25/10 - 3:00pm
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25/10 - 3:30pm
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25/10 - 4:00pm
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