Tron CREATIVE presents
Different Takes

with Jenna Watt
with Jenna Watt

8th July 2019

One scene, three directors, six actors. Director Jenna Watt will help three directors to flex their directing muscles and direct three different versions of the same scene. With two actors each, this is chance to direct some work without the pressure of a production and learn from each other and your different interpretations of text.

Jenna Watt is an award winning Scottish theatre maker, her works include: the award-winning Faslane and Flâneurs and How You Gonna Live Your Dash. Jenna's directing and assistant directing credits include Tetra-Decathlon by Lauren Hendry, Our Fathers by Rob Drummond & Magnetic North, Remote by Stef Smith, Money the Gameshow by Clare Duffy & Unlimited Theatre, 27 by Abi Morgan & National Theatre of Scotland and Chekhov Shorts with Lung Ha Theatre Company.

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