Tron CREATIVE present
Dialogues for Dissident Bodies

with Renata Carvalho
with Renata Carvalho

31st October 2019

What does your body have to say? Renata Carvalho shares a safe space to explore communication between dissident and intersectional bodies. Participants will explore ways to experience their body and enter a dialogue and experiment with other bodies that escape the norm.

Renata will share her experience of intersectionality, the narratives that bring dissident bodies closer together or push them away and expel them; the no-place, the not-belonging; the political body and the decolonial body as an installation and artwork itself; a transcentral body. 

The workshop will be led in Portuguese with consecutive translation. Participants are free to sit and listen or move around and take part more actively. Part of the mini-season celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven. We aim to create a space that centres trans, gender non-conforming and non-binary voices and experiences so please consider this when taking up a space on this workshop.

Renata Carvalho – actress (O Evangelho Segundo Jesus, Rainha do Ceu - The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven), director, playwright and transpologist (trans anthropologist). Founder of MONART (National Movement of Trans Artists), "Trans Representativity Manifesto" (which aims at trans artists playing trans characters) and COLLECTIVE T (the first art collective formed entirely by trans artists in Brazil).

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