Tron CREATIVE presents
Demystifying Video: An Introduction to Its Use in Live Performance

with Tim Reid
with Tim Reid

29th July 2019

Video can be a useful storytelling tool in the performance arts, but can seem arcane and daunting. The event aims to introduce theatre makers to the use of video design alongside other design disciplines in building the world of the show. We'll discuss various approaches to video design, at various scales of work, and have a brief practical element to the day, looking at the user-friendly QLab software and trying out projecting onto unusual surfaces in the room.

Participants will see examples of various uses of video, as a starting point for discussion of its use, and to prompt questions. Discussion topics will be driven by your questions, but might include:

- The role of video

- When should it be informational, atmospheric, textural, transitional - or mixtures of these roles?

 - The basics of creating, finding and preparing imagery for the stage.

- The use of video for creative captioning - planning visually integrated surtitles.

Tim designs video for live performance, working as a member of the creative team to identify the role(s) of video within the visual language of the show, then creating, finding or adapting imagery to support the storytelling and aesthetic of the work. Tim has worked as head of video for the National Theatre of Scotland and toured internationally. More information and images of his work can be found at

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