The National Theatre of Scotland presents
Dear Glasgow

Created by Graham McLaren and Kieran Hurley
Note: This event takes place at The South Rotunda, Finnieston Street, Glasgow, G51.

31st July 2014

Dear Glasgow resized for web

Created by Graham McLaren and Kieran Hurley

One part people’s parliament, one part Tin Forest-flavoured future hack…

What hopes and dreams do you have for the place where you live?
What might we have in common and how might we live with our differences?
How can we use what we see around us to build something better?

The story of The Tin Forest sees a man dreaming of a better world - then beginning to build it. Here in the South Rotunda in Glasgow, the National Theatre of Scotland is inviting you to do the same. Through debate, discussion, and maybe even a bit of a sing-song, we’ll hear and give voice to all our hopes and dreams. Nothing is too specific, nothing is too fantastical. Bring your aspirations, your frustrations, your lofty expectations... but most of all, bring yourself.

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