Fire Exit presents
Coriolanus Vanishes

World Premiere
Suitable for 18+

14th - 22nd April 2017

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Chris has just experienced three deaths, one after another. He’s in prison awaiting trial. But he can’t quite remember why.

Over the course of one tense, riveting hour we witness him piece together his complex descent from passionate love to shame, devastation and the many, many forms of madness. Just beneath the surface of everyday life there’s complete anarchy lying in wait.

Coriolanus Vanishes is a contemporary psychological tragedy written and performed by David Leddy, 'theatrical maverick' (Guardian), 'iconoclast' (List) and 'genius' (Scotsman). The show features an audacious and arresting design from a multi-award-winning production team where richly-coloured, razor-sharp slashes of light cut across a burnt-out, stark stage.

Exploring how shadowy childhood memories can besiege our adult relationships, Coriolanus Vanishes combines the moral ambiguity of the global arms trade with the chaotic challenges of adopting an abused child.

Sometimes your friends are worse than your enemies, and sometimes you’re the worst of all. What happens then?

Written and performed by David Leddy
Design realised by Becky Minto  
Sound design by Danny Krass 
Lighting design by Nich Smith

Booking our Captioned Performance?

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If you are planning to use the captioning service please email to register once you have booked as we will need to contact you closer to the time of the performance.

Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan, lighting: Nich Smith, concept: David Leddy. 


'Scotland’s leading theatrical innovator.' The Times

'A theatrical maverick with a propensity for fearless experiment.' Financial Times

'There are few writers so capable of mixing ideas with gaudy, glorious coups de théâtre, and few so capable of messing with your head.' The Guardian

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