Tron CREATIVE presents
Collaborative Tool Kit

with Lewis Hetherington

16th October 2018

This workshop will be a playful yet rigorous exploration of what it can mean to make performance collaboratively.

Through a series of exercises and games we will find out what challenges and opportunities are revealed when we try and collaborate with others. We’ll look at how to design a process that works for the collective but also each individual within it.

It’ll be a space to ask difficult questions, take risks and be joyful.

You will leave with some practical examples of how you might shape a collaborative process. You will have a series of exercises that can be used to develop material, negotiate creative conflict and allow different voices to be effectively and appropriately heard in the rehearsal room. It will also give you the chance to reflect honestly on what sort of collaborator you want to be you and help you articulate and define those desires.

Lewis is an award winning Glasgow-based playwright and theatre maker. His work is rooted in collaboration and storytelling. His process is about play, curiosity, sincerity and hope.

He is passionate about unearthing stories which haven’t been heard and finding the most potent ways to tell them. He has made work with companies including National Theatre of Scotland, Catherine Wheels, Visible Fictions, Analogue, Grid Iron, RCS, National Youth Theatre, The Unicorn and Creative Carbon Scotland.

*Please wear lose fitting clothes and bring a notepad and pen.

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