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27th November 2019 - 5th January 2020

Imagine having to do everything in your house…

Well, that’s the life Cinderella leads. It's a pure nightmare - and her family? Well, they make the Kardashians look positively normal. She’s got two idiotic step-brothers - Harry and Larry - who are incapable of doing anything for themselves;  a Stepmother so wicked she makes Ann Widdecombe look warm and cuddly; AND she has to work morning, noon and night in the family dressmaking business, the only place with lovely memories of her deceased mother and father. It’s not a happy life. 

But there’s hope for our buck-toothed, freckly hero when she hears that Princess Charmaine is having a party for all the commoners in the pantosphere. Princess Charmaine, the woman whose poster hangs above Cinderella’s fireplace - style icon, winner of Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Glasses Wearer 2019 AND the only woman who knows how to rock a big crown on her heid while still giving it big licks on a dance floor. Cinderella knows that Princess Charmaine will be able to help turn her business around, she just has to get some time with her at the royal ball. The only trouble is, the party is for MEN ONLY!


With her keen determination, a bit of cellotape and a fake beard, Cinderella and her best pal, an auld sheep named Muttons, plan to storm that royal ball and show the pantosphere exactly what she is capable of. 

Who will Princess Charmaine pick as her husband at the royal ball? Will Cinderella save her family business? And who on earth would leave a pair of glass trainers at the bottom of the royal palace stairs?

Find out in this year's panto!

Cast: Lauren Ellis Steele, Daisy Ann Fletcher, Jo Freer, Michelle James, Hannah Jarrett Scott, Sally Reid, Hannah Visocchi.

Written by Johnny McKnight
Directed & designed by Kenny Miller
Musical Director & Composer Ross Brown
Lighting Designer Grant Anderson

Running time: 2 hours plus a 20 minute interval

Image: Joe Connolly/Jamhot

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