Tron CREATIVE present
Case Study: Taking 'A History of the Fragile Male Ego' to the Fringe

with Caitlin Skinner & Melanie Jordan
with Caitlin Skinner & Melanie Jordan (Jordan & Skinner)

7th November 2019

Ever thought about taking a show to the Fringe but not sure where to start? This season will see the start of the BUILD programme's 'Case Study' workshops. Each season an artist or company will take participants through a step by step study of how they have made and managed a specific project. 

This season acclaimed feminist theatre company Jordan & Skinner will discuss their show 'A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego', how it came about, how it was created and the steps taken to get it to the Edinburgh Fringe. The workshop will be an honest exploration of their process and the peeks and troughs of staging work at the world's biggest arts festival. 

Jordan  &  Skinner  are  a  theatre  company  who  want  to  see  a  world  in  which  women  take  up  space*.

Jordan and Skinner are based in Scotland and lead by performer Melanie Jordan and director Caitlin Skinner. They make joyful performance about the stuff that makes us angry.  Their style is a mix of physical theatre, clown, dance, politics and visual metaphor with an unapologetically militant intersectional feminist agenda.

In 2018 the company were awarded a fellowship with the Barbican and ArtWorks Alliance to develop our participatory practice. They are doing this in partnership with Platform where we are Associate Artists 2018 – 2019.

The company’s first production Sanitise won a Scotsman Fringe First in 2014 and was an Arches Brick Award nominee.  Their second show At A Stretch for young audiences won a Three Weeks Editors’ Award 2017.

Note: This workshop is about getting a show to the Fringe. To learn about next steps from the Fringe then why not come along to our ‘Beyond the Fringe’ workshop 14th November.

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