Grid Iron and Stellar Quines presents

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A new musical comedy

'Have you ever done a bad thing, like really bad?' 

'Yeah.  I started Breaking Bad when our Davy was on the night-shift'

Every week more than 2 million women pour into local Bingo halls across the UK, each one hoping that all elusive HOUSE will change their fortunes forever. 

Daniella’s one of those women. Except she isn’t just hopeful. She’s desperate. She needs Lady Luck to smile down on her tonight. 

She’s done a bad thing.  No, a really bad thing, and if her card doesn't have those winning numbers, she’s going to have to resort to desperate measures to take home that prize money.

Featuring barnstorming original numbers, a lot of banter and cheeky humour, join multi-award winning Scottish theatre companies Grid Iron and Stellar Quines for an unforgettable night at Bingo!

Book by Anita Vettesse and Johnny McKnight
Music by Alan Penman
Directed by Jemima Levick

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Times & Dates

12/04 - 7:45pmBook Tickets
13/04 - 7:45pmBook Tickets
14/04 - 7:45pmBook Tickets

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