Tron CREATIVE presents
Being an Artistic Director: Planning, Pitfalls & Priorities

with Maria Oller (Lung Ha Theatre Company), Elizabeth Newman (Pitlochry Festival Theatre), David Grieg (Lyceum Theatre), Ross MacKay (Tortoise in a Nutshell) & chaired by Fiona Sturgeon-Shea (Playwrights' Studio)

24th October 2018

A panel discussion with the Artistic Directors of some of Scotland’s leading producing theatres exploring what it means to be an artistic director, career paths and the pitfalls and the priorities of running companies, buildings and sectors. Panel members include Maria Oller (Lung Ha), Ross MacKay (Tortoise in a Nutshell), David Greig (Royal Lyceum) and Elizabeth Newman (Pitlochry Festival Theatre), chaired by Fiona Sturgeon Shea (Playwrights Studio). 

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