ThickSkin presents

Scratch Performance

30th - 31st May 2019

AWOL - Portrait 1 cropped for web

A story of escape and new beginnings. 
A highly physical, fast paced, multimedia story.
In a cold, controlled world, where we are all expected to conform, two unlikely individuals team up and attempt to go under the radar, to break away from the norm. 
What’s on the other side of the wall?
What will you find when you finally open your eyes? 
Who will you meet when you get there?
And will it be any better than what you already have?

Created by Jess Williams, Jonnie Riordan and Ben Walden 
Supported by Creative Scotland and Tron Theatre 

Fir 31 May feat. Tron Theatre's MAKER members

Image: Jonnie Riordan


'all the ingredients to inspire a new generation in theatre.The Good Review

‘a dazzling display of current small-scale theatre technique, delivered with outstanding wit and flair.’ **** The Scotsman on The Static

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