Tron CREATIVE presents
Ask A Producer

with Michael John O'Neill & Steph Connell
with Michael John O'Neill & Steph Connell

3rd July 2019

Here at the Tron there’s no such thing as a silly question. If you have a burning question about making work or running a company (silly or not) then here’s your chance to ask it. Whether you’re struggling to understand a contract, book a tour, approach funders or just need to bounce an idea off someone or understand a bit more about people’s roles within a venue then let us know. Members of team Tron will be available on the afternoons listed above to have a brew, answer some questions and get to know MAKER members and their work.

Artistic Producer Michael John O’Neill and Project Coordinator Steph Connell will be on hand to talk about partnerships, building creative teams, funding productions, contracts, touring and budgets.

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