Tron Creative presents
Artist Check Ins

30th January 2019

A chance to meet with peers and talk about whatever you need to talk about. In reponse to feedback from last season's session 'Understanding Psychological Wellbeing in the Performing Arts, we have decided to pilot regular Artist Check-ins. This will simply be a time and place for artists to meet with peers and share their stresses and worries. The sessions will not be facilitated by Tron staff or mental health professionals and are simply a chance to share with people that might have shared experience of the industry and its associated pressures.  Sharing concerns, frustrations or struggles aims to offer relief and more importantly recognises that making work is hard, that that's OK and that you are not alone. Speaking to someone new and maybe someone outside of your friendship circle can enable a sense of objectivity and connectivity.

These sessions will be a challenge and provocation for artists to take a chance and meet new people to create an ever-expanding supportive network of peers. 

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