Tron Young Company presents
All the Time in the World

Directed by Martin O'Connor

24th - 26th October 2019

All the Time in the World

Life moves on. For other people.
But it kind of feels like time has stopped.
Like the batteries in your clock have died.

You think you’re moving but you’re still in the same
place as yesterday. You scroll down the screen of your phone for the hundredth time, not really paying attention. Your thumb getting used to the ache. You hear but you’re not listening. You live but you’re not living.

You feel like you’re going to wait forever.
But only time will tell.

A brand-new production from the Tron’s resident Young Company of 18-25 year olds, All the Time in the World takes a closer look at how we perceive time moving, how we wait for something to happen and the gulf between presence and absence.

Tron Young Company are a collective of ambitious young theatre makers. Collaborating with director Martin O’Connor, they present their inaugural production with an invitation to attend a post-show discussion on Fri 25 October.

Devised by the Company
Directed by Martin O'Connor

Supported by Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

With thanks to The Gannochy Trust and the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Settlement.

Image: John Johnston

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