Tron CREATIVE present
Act with your Ears: Acting for Radio and Audio

Offered in collaboration with Spotlight.
with Jack Bowman

3rd March 2020

Offered in collaboration with Spotlight

8 Places will be held for Spotlight members. These can be booked via Spotlight who will email Spotlight members with a booking link w/c 10 February. These places are FREE and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

A practical guide to the various ways of working in radio and audio.

Audio is now one of the fastest growing mediums for voice work, opening up what used to feel very much like a BBC Radio-only closed shop. As the opportunities grow, both dramatically and commercially, it can feel dizzying and confusing on what skills are required. Especially when no two audio production companies approaches are identical to the other!

This workshop, working with Jack as your director, is aimed at demystifying the process for you. He will take you through the various approaches of different radio and audio drama productions, leaning on his BBC and independent production experience, both here in the UK and in the US. In a workshop of two halves, we explore how you can perform the same material for different style of producers, learning the competition demands of BBC versus Audible versus the Indie Sector. Then, in the second half, we'll also explore the world of commercial voice casting and how to use your voice to not only sell yourself, using existing commercial scripts, but also how to sell the product for your client. 

Jack Bowman, based in Hertsfordshire, UK, is an award-winning audio writer, director and producer. He co-created The Springheel Saga (Wireless Theatre Ltd) becoming their most commercially and critically successful project to date. It won numerous awards, including a record-breaking hat-trick of Mark Time Ogles. Additionally, he has worked with 3D Horror-Fi, Funny Women, RNIB, Moving Theatre, Radio 4, BBC Radio London and SPID Theatre on various audio projects.

He has produced notable titles award-winning titles such as Dead London and Audible UK’s Murder On The Orient Express, with Academy Award nominees Tom Conti and Sophie Okonedo, and co-scripted Expeditionary Force: Homefront for Dagaz Media and Podium Publishing in the US. With Fred Greenhalgh, they co-created a new audio drama pilot, Ultimate Solution, which goes to series in 2020. He now acts as Dagaz Media’s UK Producer.

He originated the 2019 BBC Online Drama Winner Red Moon and now serves as BBC Studios Podcast Producer, having assisted with the launch of their new Audio Department, and strategising US/UK production opportunities.

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