Creator/Composer/Sound Designer – Danny Krass
Director – Finn den Hertog

The premier season of Earwig presents six new audio drama podcasts by Scottish based playwrights, commissioned especially to explore the possibilities of sonic theatre. Designed to be listened to on headphones, incorporating text, sound design and music, Earwig seeks to challenge, inspire, envelope and embrace its audience, inviting you deep into the inner world of its characters, placing you, the listener, at the centre of the drama.

Episode 1: Wednesday 27th January – The Deadlift by Stef Smith
Two very different women meet in the weight room. One practiced and one novice, both find spiritual purchase in physical discipline.

Episode 2: Wednesday 3rd February  – There is still something yet to discover by Hannah Lavery
A walk in the woods like no other, haunted as much by momentary domesticity as perennial darkness. Motherhood, Personhood, and the intervention of a mythical creature emerge.

Episode 3: Wednesday 10th February -Tikka by Johnny McKnight (contains strong language and sexual references)
Friendship, romance and maw’s interfering voice, bubble in a curry made with love.  Will we end up with a delicious embrace, or just dirty plates?

Episode 4: Wednesday 17th February -The Last Dance by Morna Pearson
A young woman returns home to Elgin for Christmas, to find the perils of an old flame, Sambuca, a tacky nightclub, and some as yet unresolved issues.

Episode 5: Wednesday 3rd March – Slug Love by Jo Clifford
Subversive in its gentle curiosity, Jo Clifford’s Slug Love invites you into an unknown world. A world of slow wisdom. A world of the quiet but relentless pursuit of pleasure and togetherness. 

Episode 6: Wednesday 10th March – Fortunes by Luke Sutherland
A man and his daughter confront slavery, witchcraft and colonial legacy in his Granny’s handbag. Family history challenges their relationship as they look back in order to face the future.


Transcripts for each episode will be available after the episode publication date. Find them here.

Earwig is being delivered with support from the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund administered by Creative Scotland.
Design: Niall Walker