Long Gallery Exhibitions

As part of the Glasgow 2014 Festival programme, the Long Gallery currently presents The Laws Of The Game.

The Laws Of The Game

Glasgow's leading poets have come together to celebrate the seventeen sports that will make up the 20th Commonwealth Games taking place in Glasgow in 2014. the poems are as varied as the sports themselves as the poets make their own responses to their chosen sport. This is a wonderful taster, snapshot and memento to the games. 

Poets featured include:

Gerrie Fellows
Graham Fulton
James McGonigal
David Kinloch
Brian Whittingham
Emily Ballou
Donny O'Rourke
Gerry Loose
Kei Miler
Cheryl Follon
Samual Tongue
Alan Riach
Miriam Gamble
Gerry Cambridge
AC Clarke
Alexander Hutchison
Magi Gibson

The anthology has been collected by Jim Carruth, founder and current chair of St Mungo's Mirrorball, the Glasgow network of poets. Author to date of six acclaimed chapbook collections of poetry, Carruth has won both the James McCash poetry competition and the McLellan Poetry prize. Recently his words were etched in stone as part of Andy Scott's Kelpies project.