Tron Theatre Company presents
God of Carnage

Audio Described
by Yasmina Reza
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Behaving well gets you nowhere.

When two young boys get into an altercation at a public park, their parents meet to discuss the event in a calm and rational manner…But as the evening progresses (and the rum is drunk), diplomatic civility makes way for all out conflict, leaving liberal principles, expensive flowers and half-digested food in tatters on the floor.

Winner of the Tony Award for Best New Play and Olivier Award for Best Comedy (2009), God of Carnage is a brutally entertaining and stingingly comic character study of middle class pretence and savage parental instinct.

Cast: Colin McCredie, Anita Vettesse, Lorraine McIntosh, Richard Conlon.  

Written by Yasmina Reza
Translated by Christopher Hampton
Directed by Gareth Nicholls
Designed by Karen Tennent

Image: Joe Connolly/

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09/03 - 7:45pm
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